The top 3 ways GiGi’s Playhouse will help kids with Down syndrome in Cincinnati

GiGi’s Playhouse has been helping people with Down syndrome since they opened their first location in Illinois in 2003. Since then, there have been 49 new playhouses built!

As of now, the closest GiGi’s Playhouse location to Cincinnati is the one in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, we’re working hard every day to bring GiGi’s to Cincinnati! (If you’d like to help, please email to find out what you can do.) Our target opening date is spring 2021.

Having GiGi’s Playhouse in Cincinnati will benefit our community in countless ways. Here are the top three ways that having a local GiGi’s Playhouse will help kids with Down syndrome in Cincinnati.

  1. It will give kids with Down syndrome in Cincinnati a place to go, learn and be accepted—no matter their age. One of the many perks of GiGi’s Playhouse is that they offer programs from birth through adulthood. As early learners, there are sign language classes and LMNOP classes. As kids get into school, there is one-on-one literacy and math tutoring available. And as they become adults, there are plenty of career development programs. GiGi’s Playhouse invests in each person with Down syndrome—no matter where they are in their journey.
  2. It will give kids with Down syndrome in Cincinnati the opportunity to participate in a variety of events. GiGi and her mom Nancy are very social, and they love to host great parties! That’s why GiGi’s Playhouse consistently offers fun, engaging events. Once GiGi’s Playhouse comes to Cincinnati, kids in our city will be able to participate in GiGi’s Playhouse golf outings, festivals and more.
  3. Kids with Down syndrome in Cincinnati will be official members of Generation G! What’s Generation G? It’s a conscious decision to be better every day. “Be accepting. Be generous. Be kind.” Generation G challenges the status quo by stepping outside of comfort zones. This means sitting with a new friend at lunch, employing someone with a disability, volunteering and/or saying hi to someone new. At GiGi’s Playhouse, they live Generation G every day. And once GiGi’s Playhouse comes to Cincinnati, kids all over the city will be participating in Generation G every single day too.

Kids with Down syndrome in Cincinnati will benefit tremendously from having such an amazing resource as GiGi’s Playhouse right in their backyards. With GiGi’s Playhouse’s lifetime commitment to kids with Down syndrome and their families, we have no doubt that the Playhouse in Cincinnati will be packed with eager learners and friendly faces every day.

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