Our Down to Dance Leader; Mariyah

We are so grateful for our partnership with the University of Florida and their Down to Dance program! Our participants absolutely love this program and learn so much from the incredible leaders like Mariyah.

Mariyah currently volunteers and serves as the President of Down to Dance, an organization at the University of Florida that has been dancing with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse families for the past few years! Mariyah initially wanted to get involved with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse because she was drawn to our mission to change the way the world views Down syndrome, and she is doing that every week in these virtual workshops! The program teaches choreography to the participants and promotes socialization and confidence-building. 

“Since working with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse, there have been so many moments that have made me feel grateful for the opportunity to volunteer. Some of the dancers I work with have been with us from my very first dance workshop. Being able to witness the growth in their confidence year after year has been incredibly inspiring. I’ve seen how our choreographers support our dancers, instilling confidence with every step that is taught. I have also felt supported by our dancers, and how their infectious smiles light up any room they walk into!”

Volunteering with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse has given her the opportunity to be a part of a supportive and caring community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in all forms. She has been able to connect with many Virtual GiGi’s Playhouse families, learn from their experiences, and be a source of encouragement and support in their journey. 

“As a volunteer with GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse, I have been able to share my life’s passion and witness the growth it instills in our dancers nationwide! I believe volunteering provides us with a greater purpose and the ability to make a tangible difference in the lives of others. Being able to volunteer has allowed me to spread the mission of achieving global acceptance for all.”

Thank you Mariyah, and all of the other Down to Dance volunteers! We are so grateful for this impactful partnership and your dedication to our mission!


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