Let’s celebrate Marcus!

“I go to GiGi’s Kitchen Adult, Down to Dance, and Fantastic Friends. I love them all. I love to meet new friends.” Marcus says.

Marcus is an adult participant who enjoys coming to programs at the Virtual Playhouse because there is not a local playhouse in his hometown. Since joining our virtual programs, he has gotten to spend more time with his mom Ana, because she joins the programs to help him when he needs it!

His best of all moment came on week four of GiGi’s Kitchen this Fall. Marcus made his first ever vegetable pasta dish with GiGi’s Kitchen Adult and loved it! In this program they have tried many new foods from all around the world, and making Pasta Primavera from Italy was a new and exciting accomplishment! 

We are so thrilled to have Marcus and his mom Ana in our programs each week, and look forward to continuing to see him achieve new goals and make more new friends this Fall!


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A sister’s impact

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