Building character and belonging: Sean’s journey

Discovering a community where your family truly belongs is a rare and invaluable experience! GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse has become a cherished space for the Pak family, celebrating the uniqueness of every child, including their child Sean. Our online accessibility breaks down geographical barriers and creates an inclusive community for him to enjoy. 

“GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse have been offering a beautiful space for our family to belong to. It is a community where each and every one of our children are being nurtured and celebrated as who and where they are,” says Kyung Pak, Sean’s dad.

Sean is a frequent participant in our virtual Yoga class every Friday where he has built a relationship with his yoga teacher, Maggie, as well as his peers. Every week they are taught new yoga moves and each participant is encouraged and celebrated for their effort! But this class is so much more than a workout class, as the volunteers take time after each yoga session to support one another.

“I have witnessed Sean’s growth in ‘us together’ rather than just ‘himself/myself.’ For example, at the end of each yoga session, everyone gets an opportunity to send peace to someone or somewhere. I have noticed that Sean’s been choosing someone who might not feel so good at that time to send love and it’s been quite accurate and empathetic!” says Kyung. What an touching example of how a virtual community can change lives. This simple act reflects the values instilled by GiGi’s, fostering compassion in those who attend our programs. 

Virtual programs have also been a game-changer for Sean’s family since distance from a physical playhouse can sometimes be a barrier for his family. “Online programs provide a much greater possibility for Sean to join and enjoy the offerings by GiGi’s. The physical Playhouse in San Diego is pretty far from our house and he can’t attend every program due to the distance. Besides, Sean gets to meet friends from all over the country!” says Kyung. 

GiGi’s Virtual Playhouse has become a source of inspiration, growth, and connection for the Pak family. Participating in programs like Virtual Yoga and Literacy Tutoring have contributed to Sean’s growth and we are so proud of how hard he works each week to give his Best of All!  

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