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Literacy, a gift for everyone.

2017 Winter Literacy Tutoring is Open for Registration!

Students & tutors can visit our Literacy page today to register for tutoring. GiGi’s Playhouse One on One Literacy tutoring is for individuals with Down syndrome of any age and any skill level. Trained tutors work at the level of the individual, continually challenging and encouraging them utilizing custom flashcards and books as well as computer resources and games. This literacy education includes not only direct instruction with the student, but educating their parents, school teachers, and other therapists as well. Please visit us HERE to learn more and get registered! Tutors, we will have two trainings, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Check out this amazing story about a gentleman who is giving his #bestofall and learning to read at 51!

Learning to Read at 51

by Frank Sawyer


When Peter, my brother-in-law, was born with Down syndrome in 1965, there was no GiGi’s Playhouse. He learned colors, numbers, and alphabet – but never learned to read. As Peter was growing up it was believed that those with Down syndrome could not learn much more.

When Peter moved to New York City at the age of 47, we met GiGi’s Playhouse NYC. Peter was welcomed with open arms by the wonderful families, staff, and board. He entered a world of non-judgment. For the past several years, Peter has been painting and dancing at the Playhouse, and he attends the Literacy Pod.



Peter with one of his many works of art done at the Playhouse as part of the Gratitude Committee

This weekend Peter read his first word – on his own.

When traveling up the Taconic we always pass a diner with the word DINER on the roof, and Peter says ‘Restaurant’, hoping we will stop for his favorite burger and fries. This past Saturday as we drove by, I asked Peter, “What was that?”, and he said, “Diner. D-I-N-E-R”.

He beamed as we congratulated him.

GiGi’s Playhouse NYC, part of a 30+ playhouse network, believes in achievement for those with Down syndrome. At the age of 51, Peter is learning to read. Because of the Playhouse, he has become more articulate with his thought and communication. He loves those and their families who attend the Playhouse. We are so grateful for GiGi’s Playhouse, where potential and learning are limitless.

Frank Sawyer
GiGi’s Playhouse NYC
Board President


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