Hitting the Jackpot with new Tutor Tina!

Oh my goodness-Thank you for Tina!!!!. She is a powerhouse of positive energy and kindness.  God in His Infinite Mercy certainly put her in our paths! She was so enthusiastic and Nadia was so excited when she met her. She is so genuinely dedicated and just amazing.  GiGi’s certainly hit the jackpot with her! I don’t think you meet people like Tina every day. I mean, the first day Nadia told her she was so happy. Tina sat down with me and showed me activities she has been doing with Nadia to encourage reading (games with words etc.). Then she was discussing her future plans on how to help Nadia. She has a very natural way of connecting with her.  (And believe me, Nadia has a way of sensing which person she gravitates towards. We had negative experiences with doctors, therapists etc., because they tend to underestimate her or belittle her or don’t know how to approach her). I met Tina and honestly, there was some sadness inside of me because I wished that all special education teachers/paras in school were just like her, full of hope and expectations for the kids. There’s a certain cynicism and just overall low expectations that I see over and over in the schools. I hear it from friends in the same situation as our family. Some people care but at the same time don’t believe in the potential like Tina does.

Zulma, Nadia’s mom

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  1. Belinda Orsborn on November 3, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    Tina is the best!!! We are beyond lucky to have her ❤️

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