Golf Outing Featured Team- Fairway Friends!

This year at our 4th Annual Golf Outing we’ll have a new group teeing off thanks to longtime Playhouse supporters; the Judd Team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends! With their support/sponsorship we’re fielding a team we’re calling “Fairway Friends” comprised of self advocates & volunteers from our Fantastic Friends group!

Our players have been preparing for the golf outing practicing with the CA Eagles Program, a golf program in Sacramento through the First Tee & Morton Golf Foundation- we can’t wait to see everyone showcase their skills on the course!

Learn more about our Fairway Friends players-

Shannon Owens-

Favorite Golf Club- Driver

Favorite Person to Golf With- My dad, Scott

Favorite Golf Snack- Bananas!

Billy Adams

Favorite Golf Club- 6 Iron

Favorite Person to Golf With- Matt Varanelli

Favorite Golf Course Snack- Pizza

Matt Varanelli

Favorite Club- Woods & Pitching Wedge

Favorite Person to Golf with- Billy Adams

Favorite on course snack- Hamburgers & hotdogs

Nicolas Cooper

Favorite Club- 5 Iron

Favorite Person to Golf with- Ty Williams

Favorite on course snack- Tea/Lemonade

Ty Williams

Favorite Golf Club- Big Boy Driver

Favorite Person to Golf with- Nic Cooper

Favorite on course snack- Pizza

Heidi Pope

Favorite Golf Club- All of them!

Favorite Person to Golf with- My dad, Lou

Favorite after golf snack- In N Out

Claire Ramaley

Favorite Golf Club- 6 iron

Favorite Person to Golf With- My dad & all my Eagles friends!

Favorite on course snack- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another huge thank you to our sponsor the Judd Team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty Legends; we’re grateful for all your support in providing additional opportunities for all of our GiGi’s Playhouse self advocates!!

Good luck to our Fairway Friends at our 4th Annual Golf Outing!! Check out our social media on the 25th to follow along!

Learn more about our Golf Outing

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