“Mom, I am going to be FINE” | Samir’s DSAM Story

October is Down syndrome Awareness Month, and all month long, we are sharing stories and moments that have shaped our families’ perspective of Down syndrome in hopes of creating a better understanding of what Down syndrome really is! Today, we are sharing Samir’s story from his mother’s eyes.

“When Samir was born, I didn’t know what Down Syndrome diagnosis meant. All I can recall is my body felt numb. I did not hear anything the Dr. told me. I held him in my arms and cried the whole night , not knowing how I am going to raise him.”

Many families recall feeling the same way Samir’s mother did at this moment when receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis. This is why we advocate to the world about the beauty of Down syndrome and not be afraid of what is to come! And GiGi’s is here every step of the way.

“He was such a handsome baby that once I gathered myself from the shock of the diagnosis, I kissed his forehead and told him everything will be OK and, in that moment, I felt as if he was telling me “ Mom, I am going to be FINE”. My mission from that day forward was to make sure that Samir is healthy, happy and a loving boy. I introduced him to swimming, track, bowling and working out from very early on and thrilled to tell you that he loves to work out every day. He would like to be a model one day, and I must say he has worked very hard to keep himself super fit and healthy.”


Your child CAN become and DO anything! With dedication, love, and support, dreams come true! (Especially here at GiGi’s, where we provide all of this and more!) We are helping the public understand how CAPABLE individuals with Down syndrome are. In a world where their value is often diminished, we SHOUT their worth!

I would like the world to know that our kids with Down Syndrome have the same emotions and dreams as any normal child, to be loved, acknowledged and respected.”

GiGi’s wants to hear from you!

We are looking for videos, pictures, and written content from those who know Down syndrome as more than just a diagnosis because no one knows the true beauty of Down syndrome quite like our GiGi’s peeps! #myDSstory


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