When Matthew was born we were surprised with the news that not only did he need heart surgery but he also has Down syndrome. As the weeks passed, we slowly started to find out what that meant for him and our family.

We didn’t have a crazy story. Everyone we spoke with was very kind in their words to us and they provided us with answers to any questions we had to the best of their ability. We were given some resources and a few contact numbers.

But everyone who came to speak with us seemed… sad. It was as though they were delivering news that should upset us. I found myself questioning at some point, should I be more upset than I am? We ached for a community to talk to in hopes of finding some shared joy. We wanted a place to celebrate our newest son.

Though we are finding joy in our little man every day, one of our chief concerns is providing for him. Providing services he needs to be the best Matthew he can be. Providing an inclusive life for him while he grows. Providing a great life for him when we are gone.

We feel that one of the best ways for us to provide for him now and in the future is to see a GiGi’s Playhouse built in Sacramento. This Down syndrome achievement center will help provide services he needs now, career training he will need in the future, and a family that will hopefully be around long after my husband and I are gone.

Be accepting. Be generous. Be kind. That is the message of #GenerationG. The GiGi’s mission is to change the way the world views Down syndrome and send a global message of acceptance for all. Isn’t that amazing? Shouldn’t we teach that to ALL our children? Shouldn’t we help spread that message EVERYWHERE?



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