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I’m home!!!

This is about Gerry, who had Math and Literacy tutoring sessions back to back at the Playhouse. This is what Gerry’s mom wrote on the tutoring evaluation forms.

Gerry has improved enormously in this tutoring session!  He can count independently up to 40.  His recognition of the numbers 1-20 is nearly perfect.  Concrete understanding of what the numbers represent has been firmly established.  Gerry responded very well with Hilary, his tutor.  They appear to have a great relationship.  He came in and sat down with her every time.  Last week, after he entered the door, he said, “I’m home.”  Both Hilary and I had to smile.  For me, that says it all.  He likes coming to GiGi’s to learn.  Thank you GiGi’s and thank you Hilary!

With the literacy tutoring, Gerry’s communication skills have improved.  He has come to understand the difference between things (nouns) and actions (verbs).  Letter recognition has also improved. Gerry responds well to learning activities which include the white board, finding words, and anything on the ipad.  Thank you Olivia!  You were enormously patient with waiting for Gerry to finish his “Os” in between his sessions.  Also considering you had him for the second hour of his two hour tutoring sessions, you were great.  I think Gerry did pretty good considering this.  He enjoyed the stories and activities you did with him.gery

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