When the right people fall into place great things happen!

Submitted by Guest Blogger:

Robin Lea Amos

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Executive Director

This spring we moved into a new neighborhood where one of our GiGi’s participants, Brianna lives. It was an added bonus to move where I knew I would have a ready-made friend! Shortly after getting settled, I was then blessed with meeting “Dana” who has been a special education teacher and advocate for 30 plus years. Dana was intrigued by GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix and within a few days of meeting had come for a tour and volunteer orientation. She is advocating for us and our participants everywhere she goes.



Dana met Brianna and struck up a discussion about Brianna wanting a job. Brianna is a GIGI U Graduate, volunteers at GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix and is very active in GiGiFIT and any other program she can fit into her mom’s busy schedule!  Within just a couple of days, Brianna and Dana made plans to dust off her resume, get dressed up and visit some local businesses.

After only a few stops, Chili’s Restaurant knew a super star hostess when they saw her and hired Brianna to begin work this month! Not only will Brianna begin her dream of being employed, but the manager at Chili’s was so impressed by what she learned about GiGi’s, that she wants to connect on future opportunities to partner.

All of the above happened after a couple of introductions and casual conversations. Sometimes we strategically plan things to happen and sometimes they just happen organically!


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