It’s kindness that helps us appreciate the journey!

“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey….”

Brett would like you to meet some of his Playhouse friends….. They are so AWESOME and KIND!!

Kindness is this month’s theme at GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix and you’ll see it spread around like confetti this month and well, pretty much every month! Merriam Webster defines Kindness (noun) as ‘the quality or state of being kind’ and kind (adjective) as sympathetic, helpful, gentle, affectionate, and loving.

It’s the driving feeling and daily actions that leads us to share joy and help create positive feelings in others. Within the Playhouse, you see it in action when participants encourage and help one another, any time a volunteer shares their time and passion and with every monetary investment into our free programs. But don’t take our word for it, self advocate Brett has his own stellar definition….

Brett believes Kindness is like Happiness!

He would greet everyone with “How are you today? And after they left he would say “Have a nice day”. This is what he always does when he works at the GiGi’s Studio Cafe, serving coffee and treats with kindness to all! This is also how he welcomes friends, whether their brand new or they’ve been friends for years, Brett is always quick with a smile, a elbow bump or some kind words! We hope you stop into the Studio Cafe to see his kindness in action for yourself!

Oscar being kind at Butterfly Wonderland
Oscar being kind at Butterfly Wonderland!

Meet my really kind friend Oscar!

His favorite program is the GiGi’s Kitchen, I love the kitchen too! Oscar’s favorite food is a chicken sandwich. Oscar’s nickname is Oskie❤. His favorite toy or hobby is the trumpet (wow, so fun). Oscar loves GiGi’s because of his friends😀 (that is such a great part of GiGi’s for sure). He is most grateful to GiGi’s for the activities!

Hugs from Brett❤

Have you ever joined us for the GiGi’s Kitchen Kids program? It’s designed for kids 6 – 12 to emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and early exposure to practical cooking  skills. Under the guidance of experienced program leaders, participants will engage in activities designed to promote healthy eating habits, kitchen safety awareness, food preparation skills, self-confidence, and social skills by applying learned skills as they prepare and enjoy a shared meal/snack!

This summer, we have a very special guest helping us out in our Kitchen Kids program, Katie Murwin! Please join us starting next Wednesday and continuing each weeks through June at 12 pm for a fun and exciting excursion into the culinary world, no experience necessary! You can find more info and register here!

Brett's kindness knows no bounds! Here he's showing off the GiGi's family cookbook
Brett is always finding ways to be kind!

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