“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey . . . . .”

Guest Blog submitted by Brett Schatzman

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Self Advocate


Brett would like you to meet

some of his Playhouse friends….. They are so AWESOME!!



Sloane’ s favorite program at GiGi’s is definitely Open Play! She loves exploring all of the fun toys and meeting new friends at the Playhouse. She loves to get up on the stage and show off her dance moves anytime she is there❤️. Sloane also really likes the one on one time she gets in the Speech Program. She gets to play games, sing songs, and read books…all of which she loves!

Sloane’s favorite hobby is definitely swimming! She swims 4-5 times a day during the summer and this year she started jumping off the diving board (wow Sloane that is so great, what a good job)😀. Even though Fall is here and her pool is getting cold, she still swims at least two times a day! Sloane is also excited because she gets to start back with her horse riding!  Sloane’s favorite foods are popcorn and ice cream, she loves them both! (yummy, I really like those too😀). Sloane’s friends and family call her Sloaney and she says I can call her that too, thank you my friend❤️. Sloane’s favorite thing about GiGi’s is that this is where she met her 2 best friends, Amoure and Teagan. They met there when they first started going to the Playhouse when it opened. She also enjoys getting together with new friends at the annual parties. Sloane is looking forward to returning to these events soon (me too Sloane!).



Henry’s favorite GiGi program is LMNOP!

Henry loves swimming/water play, building with blocks, playing cars, and singing songs. He loves spaghetti! Henry also likes yogurt, blueberries, and Mexican food. He just loves to eat (all such good choices of food, I also like them especially on Tuesday for Taco Tuesday!)😀 Henry is mostly called Henry, but occasionally my parents call me “monster”. Henry loves GiGi’s because he loves playing with his new friends and singing/dancing❤️.



Liam has 2 favorite programs at GiGi’s. He said it is a tie between Lil’ Sports and Destination Discovery. He loves playing soccer and baseball with his friends, especially since they all cheer on each other while they play. At Destination Discovery, Liam loves to learn about things like butterflies and the stars! The crafts are always a lot of fun😀. Liam really loves music! (Liam, I really love music too😀). He loves singing songs with his Aug Comm device, watching videos by the band “Wintergatan”, and playing instruments like his keyboard and piano. Liam also loves to play sports like baseball, soccer, and football. (I like to play baseball so much too, just like you my friend!). Liam loves to eat spaghetti. His family calls Liam “Hammy” because he likes to “ham it up” and be silly. Liam and his family love GiGi’s because they offer programs for every age and every ability. GiGi’s is constantly thinking of innovative ways to serve the community. Liam and his family couldn’t believe how well they transitioned to safe, engaging virtual programming during Covid.❤️



Brianna’s favorite GiGi’s program is GiGiFit! She loves Coach Lauren and working out with her friends. (That is one of my favorite programs too!).  Her favorite hobbies are listening to music and dancing❤️. Brianna’s favorite food is mozzarella sticks. She knows they aren’t very healthy, but she doesn’t get to eat them often, but it’s a favorite treat😀. Brianna doesn’t have a nickname, some people call her Bre, but she likes to be called Brianna! Brianna’s favorite thing about GiGi’s is getting to see all her friends and hanging out with them!



Submitted by Brett Schatzman

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Self Advocate



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