“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey . . . . . .”

I would like you to meet

some of my Playhouse friends….. They are so awesome! 

February is a month that has Valentine’s Day in it. It means to me love and friendship.

I have love for my family and my friends!

I have been friends with Kaitlyn since I first came to GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix. She is a good and fun friend, so this month I am writing about her❤️.

Kaitlyn’s favorite program at GiGi’s is tutoring. Kaitlyn’s favorite things to do outside of GiGi’s is to spend time with her friends Natalie, Isabel, and Zoe. (sounds so nice). Kaitlyn likes to shop at Target and go bowling and play arcade games! Kaitlyn likes all music everyday and her favorite singer is Pink. (I love music every day too and my most favorite is country music)❤️. 

Kaitlyn does art every day. She likes all colors of the rainbow and uses markers to draw hearts, rainbows, and people. She also likes to paint. ( Kaitlyn is such a good artist, there were many days we would create projects together doing art together. Kaitlyn even designed a t-shirt that had both of us on it❤️).

When I asked Kaitlyn about our friendship, she said “Brett has been my friend for a “lotta years”. He is always there with me and is so funny too. He is a great baseball player and we like baseball”. 

Stephanie, Kaitlyn’s grandmother added “Brett has always been there for Kaitlyn, no matter her response. He just accepts her however she is at that moment and is always ready to share his friendship and his beautiful smile. We love him!”

I like my friendship with Kaitlyn because she is a good person. I like when she smiles at me and gives me a hug. I like doing GiGiFit with her and being around her. We have done many fun things together, volunteering at GiGi’s, bowling, decorating a Christmas tree, going to a baseball game, going to so many Gala’s, rode horses together, and lots of dancing and laughing❤️. We even dressed up for Halloween as Thing1 and Thing 2,  King and Queen of hearts, and we were Prom King and Queen at a Gala!

Thank you Kaitlyn for being my friend for so many years💕💕.

Guest Blog

Submitted by Brett Schatzman


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