“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey . . . . . .”

Happy New Year to all my friends! With this new year I wish everyone happiness. GiGi’s Playhouse brings me much happiness.

I would like you to meet

some of my Playhouse friends….. They are so awesome! 

Please meet my new friend Jack💕.

Some of Jack’s favorite foods are veggie straws and donuts (I love donuts also!!). Jack’s nickname is Jacky. Jack loves swinging on his swing, listening to music, and doing laundry (sounds like so much fun) ❤️. Jack loves all his GiGi friends and family. Jack and his family are most grateful for GiGi’s because the community has embraced him and his family from the time he was born and continues to offer them resources , support, and lifelong friendships

Submitted by:

Brett Schatzman 

GiGi’s Self Advocate

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