“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey . . . . .”

Guest Blog submitted by Brett

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Self Advocate

Brett would like you to meet

some of his Playhouse friends….. They are so AWESOME!!


Noah’s favorite GiGi program is LMNOP (so far, they look forward to going through all the different programs when the time comes)! Noah’s favorite hobby is swinging in his baby swing and he loves to roll over, he rolls from his back onto his tummy and from his tummy to his back. Noah is a very active guy (Noah that is so great, I’m sure everyone is very proud of you😀).  Noah also likes to cuddle with everyone, smile and coo💕💕. His favorite food is mommy’s milk. Noah’s nicknames are pistachio and  baby guy! His big brother calls Noah “Baby Wah”.

Noah and his family love the beautiful community of support and love, the fun sing-along songs with sign language and they love the staff at GiGi’s (my family and I do too❤️).



Karsten’s favorite GiGi program is Literacy! His favorite toy is a nerf gun. 😀

Karsten’s favorite food is BBQ (that sounds yummy!). Karsten’s nickname is Killer K! What Karsten likes the most about GiGi’s is the music. ❤️


Christian’s favorite program is LMNOP!

He loves toy cars and playing catch (that sounds like fun!). Christian’s favorite food is chocolate pudding (yum😀). Christian has a few nicknames, Mr. C, turkey, stinker, or silly goose. What Christian likes the most about GiGi’s is making friends for both himself and his family. ❤️



Guest Blog submitted by Brett

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Self Advocate

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