Inclusion helps us appreciate the journey!


This month’s GiGi’s theme!

I believe Inclusion is important. No matter what you can do, you should be able to join in on the fun! I love to cook in  Kaitlyn’s Kitchen at GiGi’s and I am happy so many friends enjoy cooking like me (and are included) in the program!

Hugs from Brett❤️

“It’s the Friends we meet along the way that help us appreciate the journey….”

Meet my friend Sun. His favorite GiGi’s program is Open Play! Sun’s favorite food is Chipotle’s sofritas rice. His nickname is Sunny😀. Sun’s favorite toy is Wild Republic Monkeys and he has fun riding his scooter and going to the playground (sure sounds like fun)! He loves GiGi’s because he can see his friends (that is definitely one of the best parts of going to GiGi’s) ❤️. Sun and his family are grateful for GiGi’s because they provide Speech Therapy and many other programs.

Meet my new friend Zinnia. She loves LMNOP😀. She enjoys watching all the children playing and singing! It’s a great place for Zinnia to do some tummy time!

Zinnia’s favorite food and only food right now is breast milk😀. Her nickname is Zinny Binny❤️. Zinnia’s favorite toy is her tummy time mirror and she loves to play with the little baby in the mirror! Zinnia and her family loves GiGi’s because it is a great place to meet other children like her and other families who can relate to what we are going through (yes, my family and I think the same thing❤️). Zinnia and her family are grateful for GiGi’s and the community of parents who have welcomed them with excitement and open arms😀.

Submitted by Brett

GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix Self Advocate

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