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GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix/Scottsdale – “Forever Inspiration”




We can all remember someone that inspired us in the past to reach higher. That someone helped develop our desire to be a little bit better student, or athlete, or helped us through our first job. Maybe we were even inspired to make better decisions as parents.

If we are lucky we know someone who inspires us now to continue growing, learning or just believes in us. They build our confidence and remind us that we are worthy. They see our good.

Who will inspire us in our future? Who will continue to see our good and remind us of our worth. How many of us will have the opportunity to be inspired every day…from now on? I would guess, not many….except those of us at GiGi’s.

We are inspired by moms, dads, teachers, service providers, volunteers and professionals at GiGi’s Playhouse that are all connected to individuals with Down syndrome. They show us their needs and they believe in us. They generously help build a GiGi’s of the future for their children. They believe in us. Their inspiration and belief are building our space and our character. Without knowing, they are providing forever inspiration.

The typically abled teens that I see every day volunteering their time away from their school friends to build new friendships at the playhouse…they provide forever inspiration. They make places for our kids in their schools over lunch or in the classroom. They play ball, make food, sing, dance and they provide us with forever inspiration. I have never met so many inspired teens that show up, ready to change the world.

At GiGi’s we are guaranteed forever inspiration. We are given the energy for the challenging work in front of us. They give us the confidence to figure it out, to ask for help, and to try new things because they really do believe in us.

We give them an opportunity to build their character for the life ahead of them. A place to begin changing the world.

Thank you for giving us FOREVER INSPIRATION!


Submitted by:

Stephanie Gage – Board President


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