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It’s back to school time and this year that means many changes for parents. Most schools will start the year virtually and may not be supporting tutoring or have the ability to offer programming for special needs students. Luckily, GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix has invested time and resources to move all programming online to ensure continuity in opportunities for participants.


One of GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix most sought after resource is our Math and Literacy Tutoring. Our tutoring begins at a student’s current ability and builds from that point. Our resources are customized to each student’s interest and abilities and are built based on the ways in which individuals with Down syndrome learn best.

The principles of our GiGi’s Literacy Tutoring program are to:

  • Teach using materials that are meaningful and relevant to the student to maximize interest.
  • Teach with a multi-sensory approach to build confidence and reinforce learning.
  • Teach students to practice, transfer and generalize newly learned skills.
  • Teach students to comprehend and use information gained from reading to apply to their real-world experiences.



The principles of GiGi’s Math Tutoring program are to:

  • Teach using materials that are meaningful and relevant to the students
  • Teach with a multi-sensory approach to build confidence and reinforce learning
  • Teach students to practicetransfer, and generalize newly learned skills



Our overall goal in offering tutoring is to build self-confidence. The ability to read and understand mathematical concepts opens doors for individuals with Down syndrome in the workplace, schools and the community.

Our Fall sessions will begin September 8 and we are currently accepting applications for learners as young as three. All sessions are offered virtually and are no more than 45 minutes. Each student will receive a Tutoring Care Kit with supplies to support their learning at home.

To apply as either a Tutor or Participant, please visit our website at for information on how to apply.  Tutor registration for the Fall 2020 Session is now available and the link for student registration will open soon.

Submitted by:  Robin Lea Amos

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