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A Grateful Dad

Among Mitchell’s many amazing characteristics is his level of gratitude for those around him. This is especially true of the AMAZING TEAM at GiGi’s! Mitchell is so compassionate, energetic, loving, and generous. These outstanding qualities have only been enhanced and encouraged since his participation in the GiGi’s Prep and GiGiU programs. Mitchell, I, and his mother are all so grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded to Mitch and all the very special participants that GiGi’s welcomes! Along with his enjoyment of music, movies, dining out and family time, Mitchell greatly enjoys his time with friends and educators at GiGi’s which has allowed him to grow in so many ways. We are truly blessed and appreciative for the opportunities that have been presented to Mitchell through all the GiGi’s programs!



Guest Blog submitted by:

A Grateful Dad

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