All commitments are chosen.

My older brother and I don’t look alike. We have always looked different. Even though we are only one year apart, we have always been different. Rod was up early polishing his shoes before church, while I just wanted to sleep in. He played sports and I never learned the rules. I was chosen to sing in the choir, he wasn’t. I moved away to the place I love, and he loves living in our hometown.

But we are alike. We surround ourselves with our families. We have experienced purposeful careers. We love to make each other laugh as we share the happenings in our lives. We love spending as much time together as possible. Today we are alike.

He taught me how satisfying it can be to complete a crossword every week. He likes it when I pick up the phone and interrupt him whenever I want. Our commitment to each other is a choice.

Let’s stop thinking about ACCEPTANCE as awareness, tolerance and doing a good deed. Instead look at ACCEPTANCE as a commitment to stay rather than walk away, to listen rather than speak and to approach rather than ignore.

All commitments are chosen. When Jennifer brought GiGi’s Playhouse to Phoenix she committed.

She committed herself and all of us to ACCEPT individuals with Down syndrome because we are more alike than different. She committed herself to our community, sharing how deserving we all are of being ACCEPTED.

Our commitment to ACCEPTANCE at GiGi’s Playhouse Phoenix is our choice. Make it your choice.

Guest Blog Submitted By:

Stephanie Gage

Phoenix Board Co-President

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