A Big Thank You to Our GiGi’s Volunteer Educators!

Since our opening in 2015 as the 21st GiGi’s location we have attracted the most passionate, dedicated, smart and fun volunteer educators across the GiGi’s network. They share our CORE VALUES with you every day at GiGi’s Down Syndrome Achievement Center, GiGi U Career Development Center, GiGi’s Studio Café, and our GiGiFIT Studio. We challenge ourselves to be better every day…JUST FOR YOU!

Our teams celebrate every “inch stone” toward goals. That turns LEARNING into FUN LEARNING.

They always bring their ENTHUSIASM and positive high energy to every program.

They make things happen and blast through barriers when needed to GET IT DONE!  Your goals become their goals, always figuring it out together.

They BELIEVE in themselves and each other, they BELIEVE in our mission, and they BELIEVE that by setting high expectations, goals will be achieved…each participant from their own starting line.

At GiGi’s we are LOCALLY CONCERNED reaching out to all communities within our touch. We are ENTERPRISE MINDED as we collaborate, share best practices, and leverage our collective learnings. Our volunteer educators are continually improving as they look for the best way to custom fit our ALWAYS FREE programs to meet your needs.

This is how all GiGi’s volunteer educators bring our BEST OF ALL so that every program is purposeful and progressive for our participants. We challenge ourselves to be better every day…JUST FOR YOU!

If you share these values, and have a little bit of time to share, please join us. Stop by and let us demonstrate how we bring FUN LEARNING to life at GiGi’s.

I think you’re going to like it here!

My best,

Stephanie Gage

Phoenix Board President

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