Program Spotlight: GiGi Prep an adult OT and life skills program

GiGi Prep with Mount Mary University OT

This NEW program will be led by Master’s students from Mt. Mary’s Occupational Therapy (OT) program under the supervision of a licensed professor. Participants (ages 18 and older) will apply for this specialty program. Together they will work on their communication skills to become self-advocates and Playhouse Ambassadors. Participants will develop skills including work readiness, administrative skills, personal awareness, social communication, and fine motor (OT) skills, as well as have some fun with their peers.​

Registration is needed for this session-based program:

The GiGi’s Career Development Programs are progressive learning programs. They are designed to motivate adults with Down syndrome to achieve their highest potential in the world through innovative, educational, goal-development, and small group skills instruction, health and wellness, career skills, empowerment, community engagement, and exceptional work opportunities. GiGi’s Playhouse offers a three-tiered career development program that prepares adults with Down syndrome to gain meaningful employment/volunteerism in their respective communities. Social focus is to help communities gain a stronger understanding that promotes an environment of inclusion and acceptance for individuals with Down syndrome. To remove potential barriers for our families, participation in these programs is at NO COST to our participants. GiGi’s Career Development Programs have various positive impacts on adults with Down syndrome and on the community at large. Every interaction and friendly conversation reminds the community that stereotypes and discrimination toward people with Down syndrome must change. In doing so, more employers will seriously consider hiring ready and willing candidates with Down syndrome allowing communities, companies, and people to grow stronger together. Recommended for adults with Down syndrome age 18 and up.

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