Playhouse Champions!

What is a Playhouse Champion? All of us that share the joy of GiGi’s Playhouse with others are champions. We LOVE our community and want to share it with everyone! Through this event we are committing to sharing acceptance in our neighborhoods. We would love to be together in person, but by having a worldwide event in our own neighborhoods we can reach even more people! Share the joy, share the love, and raise money for new programs, new platforms, and new connections!

GiGi’s Playhouse network of 60 locations and startups were hit hard with the cancellation of over 50 GiGi’s events due to COVID-19. So, in typical GiGi’s style, we are going to come back with the biggest and best acceptance event ever! Introducing GiGi’s Virtual Step to Accept Across America hosted by 60 GiGi’s Playhouses across the US and Mexico!

TOGETHER we will be making history as 60 GiGi’s Playhouse locations and startups unite on June 6th to take 7 million Steps to Accept across America! With your help we can reach our goal of 50 million steps for Global Acceptance and Step to Accept across the world!

Let’s bring people together during social distancing and Step to Accept!

You can participate individually or start a team with family, friends, bike clubs, dance studios, sororities, neighbors, office mates, classmates, congregations or a mix of them all!

Every step matters because every life matters.

Our Playhouse Champions want to see all of you on June 6th!

Join us to promote acceptance throughout your neighborhoods as we virtually join together. Walk, run, dance, bike, skip, crawl or climb do what you like to do & move with us.

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