Observed each year on April 8th, National All Is Ours Day takes us along three views of appreciation. Celebrate with us as we look at all three of the viewpoints.


The first approach is to reflect on all of the beauty of nature and all the wonderful things in life. When it comes to Down syndrome, this can mean so many beautiful things. Something as simple as the variety of our children can surprise us in the most beautiful way. Each child with Down syndrome has shared characteristics, however, they also have unique special traits that they inherit from their families whether they share physical similarities or personalities or mannerisms, each child is a spectacular gift to enjoy. 

The second way to celebrate the day is by appreciating everything we have. Each day that goes by, each accomplishment, and each struggle. Even when we don’t have much, what we do have is a blessing. This approach encourages counting those blessings and avoiding thinking about the things we do not have.  

A third way to view the day is by sharing all that we have. Regardless of what we have, sharing it seems to make tough times easier when we all work together. The greatest times and the greatest things in life are those that are shared. We love to share our friendships, our love, and our true compassion for all.


  • Explore the world around you and find something to appreciate in the world beyond your front door.
  • Express thankfulness for what you have. It may be the people in your life, your health, or another blessing you cherish.
  • Share your bounty with others.
  • Focus on positive thoughts and actions.
  • Use #NationalAllIsOursDay and #gigisplayhouseMKE to post on social media.


We express our gratitude by

  • Writing a heartfelt thank you card for each donation.
  • Making homemade treats for our parties and volunteer appreciation celebrations.
  • Sharing our stories, special moments, and thanks on social media.
  • Inviting our community to attend events, parties, and group activities not only because they are fun, but because we want to see each of you!

Why do we celebrate All Is Ours Day?
Even in our darkest moments, there is something to be thankful for.  We only need to look for it to find it.

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