My why!

My why! The reason I can’t give up. It’s my duty to make sure you are provided every opportunity or advantage to be whatever you choose and to share you with as many people as possible. You are the embodiment of non-judgment, acceptance, and unconditional love. The world needs you!
If you can face your daily challenges and keep smiling, I’ve got nothing to complain about! -Teral Sondrup, mom to Eden
This! These two are a great example of the support our local families provide to others and within their family unit. Love you all 💙💛💙💛

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The Power of Inclusion: Celebrating Local Individuals with Down Syndrome in Swimming

At first glance, swimming may seem like a simple recreational activity or sport, but for individuals with Down syndrome, there is more to it than...
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Partnership: Roschambo Eyewear & GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee

Roshambo Eyewear is excited to be a contributing partner of GiGi’s Playhouse nationwide. In its new program, Roshambo will donate 10% of all sales generated by GiGi’s...

GiGi’s Goes to Rainbow Day Camp, 2023

The first week of August, 2023 we took 10 participants of GiGi's Playhouse to Rainbow Day Camp as a guest of the Jewish Community Center...

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