Best of All – Meet Elise and her Literacy Tutor Kelly!

Elise is one of the many participants in our One-to-One Tutoring program. Throughout the fall session, Elise has been working on her literacy skills, specifically areas such as comprehension, compound words, syllables, and blending. Elise gave her Best of All as she read and matched compound words, clapped and counted syllables when reading. Every week she is busy working hard playing and learning! Elise’s tutor, Kelly a local volunteer says that is Elise is a joy to be around and she enjoys spending time with her! Kelly even discovered that playing games is a great way to keep Elise engaged. Throughout a few weeks in the session, they read the “I See ay” book. Kelly said that she was really impressed that Elise got through that book and that she could read the majority of the book herself with very little prompting! They also did a few reading comprehension questions at the end and again Elise was a rock star! Kelly adds that it’s been such a pleasure getting to know her!

Our FREE 1:1 Literacy and 1:1 Math programs are specifically designed for individuals with Down syndrome ages 3 through adulthood. Trained volunteers teach along with purposeful progressions that build confidence and mastery. Families are provided with practical activities to continue learning at home.

Registration is open for both Students and Tutors for the Spring 2021 One-To-One Tutoring session! Learn more about this program and how to get involved here

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