Happy 2018 Everyone!

I committed to a monthly blog post last summer and … well … I’m resolving to honor that commitment in 2018!   The end of 2017 was so amazing for our Playhouse – the Brew-Ha-Ha was a blast and a financial success, and we received a few other meaty grants that have TRULY helped our Playhouse run better. Simple things like a new computer for our Site Coordinator and shelving for our storage spaces really help our efficiency. If you have been to the Playhouse recently, you will see bright new colors! You may have also noticed some clutter of program materials, books, etc., all a natural result of cleaning and re-organizing.


Personally, I feel great about 2017. One of our major goals of 2017 was to diversify our revenue. We did that by applying for several grants, with excellent results.  The process of applying for grants and getting approved is really affirming and makes me feel like we are on the right track, especially with regard to programming.


So what about 2018? Well, one of my goals is to pass the Board President baton on to someone else. This position has been so rewarding, and I will stay on the Board, but, I’m a little tired J. Another goal is to implement the Math program, invigorate our Volunteer program, and collaborate more with other non-profits in Milwaukee.


My heart is full of joy today because I learned yesterday that Daphne can participate in the Milwaukee Ballet’s Tour de Force program.  I had been looking for a ballet program for her that would support her special needs, and although there are so many great options, none were exactly what I was looking for. They were either not disciplined enough in ballet, or too disciplined and expensive. I could have put her in a  “typical” ballet class, but I’ll admit I was nervous that other parents might be annoyed if she required more than her fair share of support from the teacher.  I had looked into the Tour de Force program in December, but it’s spring session was full.  But someone dropped out, and Daphne was invited to participate! I’m so, so happy for her. Dance and music are what she loves most and her primary means of expression.


If you have made it to the end of this blog post, then I suspect you are either a friend of mine or of GiGi’s Playhouse. Therefore, I must make my appeal to you to get involved! We need fresh perspective and ideas. There are several ways to get involved, but what we need the most are for volunteers to participate on our Committees, which include:


  • Programming – help us decide which programs to implement and when
  • Fundraising – help us plan events, develop relationships with local corporations, research grant applications, etc.
  • Outreach – help us reach out to local schools, colleges, non-profits, etc.
  • Social – help us plan those fun events that bring our community together
  • Marketing – help us develop web-based and print-based materials to highlight GiGi’s Playhouse and all that we have to offer


Participating on a committee is not laborious and ensures you have a voice in what happens at the Playhouse. Think about it and feel free to email me with any questions skoehn@gigisplayhouse.org.


Thanks for reading!!!

Sarah Koehn
Board President, GiGi’s Playhouse – Milwaukee


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