A giant hug that we didn’t know we needed

We first came to GiGi’s when Monty was only a few months old. We had just gotten out of the hospital and one of our therapists had recommended we go to GiGi’s. Our family was struggling at the time with all of Monty’s medical complications and GiGi’s was like a lifeline. The minute we stepped in the door we were greeted by numerous families and it was like a giant hug that we didn’t know we needed. After that first visit it took us a while to return as we unfortunately became frequent flyers at the hospital, but when we finally made it back it was like we never left. GiGi’s is a home away from home. They embraced us and held us up when we felt like we had just been through a war. The encouragement, love, and support of this organization is unmatched. Monty loves going to GiGi’s. GiGi’s has given our family hope, a home, and a community. There are not enough words in the world to fully explain the impact going to GiGi’s has had and I know that we have barely seen the tip of the iceberg. -Sarah (mom and frequent GiGi’s visitor and supporter)

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