Cody shows his Best of All!

Cody shows his Best of All!

As it was the last session (of the summer and) we ended up being the only ones there, but it was OK. Cody loved it. He really connected with Ryan (GiGiFIT Kids Program Leader).

This was Cody’s first time doing GiGiFIT. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be something that he would enjoy. From the first session, Ryan did an excellent job encouraging all the kids to join in. GiGiFIT starts with a warm-up and then moves into a variety of workout activities. Each week there were different skills that Cody worked on. From the beginning session to the last we could see real change in Cody’s physical strength. He is climbing, running, catching, and throwing better than ever. On top of this, he is enjoying the structure and learning a variety of new exercises and activities.

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