4th grade Service Learning Project Collaboration!

Hi all – I was so moved last year when Mr. Story took on this fundraising challenge for fourth graders. Many of you know that Jacqueline and Harvey (my 4th grade twins) have a sister with Down syndrome; her name is Daphne. AND, there’s another 4th grader at Stormonth with a brother with Down syndrome. So, this year, the campaign is quite meaningful to three of your child’s classmates!

When Daphne was born, I felt the earth move under me, I was in such shock. I cried for a day and then realized that my feelings were secondary and that Daphne needed me to be strong for her. When she was 3 months old I brought her to GiGi’s Playhouse and met other moms in the same boat, and they were happily in that boat. That gave me so much hope. I saw toddlers laughing and smiling, kids learning to read with tutors, and teenagers making friends.

Today, Daphne is 13 and GiGi’s is her place to feel included, be herself, and gain confidence as she learns new skills. My hope is that she brings those skills and confidence out into the world with her, so that she may change the way her world sees Down syndrome.

GiGi’s is located between Benji’s Deli and Best Buy on Port Washington Road, right in our backyard! Hundreds of families come from all over Milwaukee to take advantage of its FREE programming. There are only two full-time employees! We depend on volunteers for the rest of the effort. THIS is why we raise money!

So, please consider a donation. And, please contact me directly if you have any questions about GiGi’s!

Daphne’s team: https://bit.ly/MyFavoriteSquishmallow
Stormonth’s Team: https://bit.ly/StormonthStrong
GiGi’s Playhouse Milwaukee’s Team page: https://bit.ly/DashforDs23
Volunteer for the Dash sign-up: https://bit.ly/VolunteerDashforDS


Sarah Koehn
(the note above was one that we received from a parent to twin 4th graders at our partner school-Stormonth Elementary)
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Harvey, Daphne and Jackie

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