A New Life

I never did picture my life changing drastically like it did in 2020. It was as if my life did a whole 360, without me even knowing it. I never pictured being the legal guardian of my little sister Sandy Villarreal, who has Down syndrome. I thought my mom would still be with us for a couple of more years.

GiGi’s Playhouse has been an amazing place for my sister and me. I have met many amazing people and have created great relationships with other parents who have a child with Down syndrome. I know that I am not alone when we come to GiGi’s Playhouse. When you first step into GiGi’s Playhouse you automatically feel welcomed and that feeling that you belong there.

It’s a whole different world and vibe seeing my sister and her friends interact with one another, they have a special language that they understand amongst each other, and seeing her happy makes me happy.

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