August 2021 Purposeful Programming

The full August 2021 program schedule is available on our online calendar for participants and volunteers to sign up, but you can read all the details below.

Karate Kickers, Wednesday, August 4, 6- 7PM (ages 10+)
The benefits of karate for people with Down syndrome are endless. Karate focuses on development of balance, coordination, discipline, focus, attention, physical fitness, and confidence. There will be no physical contact between peers.

Art Explosion (virtual), Friday, August 6, 5:40- 6:40PM (ages 10+)
Art Explosion provides a hands-on experience with multiple art media and provides an outlet for individuals with Down syndrome to express themselves, build confidence and socialize with peers.

Recommended for individuals with Down syndrome ages 10 and up. Participants will be instructed in painting space-scape designs.

Fitness, Fun & Friends- Zumba, Saturday, August 7, 10- 11AM (all ages)
Led by retired Social Worker Virginia, every month the program alternates between Zumba and Drums Alive. This month is Zumba and is recommended for all ages!

Therapeutic Arts & Crafts, Saturday, August 7, 11AM- 12PM (all ages)
Creative, play-based, arts and crafts activities, will be offered to GiGi’s Playhouse participants, with the goal of helping them to learn skills to manage a variety of emotions: anxiety, fear, frustration, anger. Art and Crafts activities will be concrete, easy to accomplish in one session. The activities offered will be used to engage otherwise reluctant children, adolescents or young adults, and help them express their thoughts and feelings in a pleasurable, relaxed and creative environment.

Led by retired Social Worked Virginia, all program materials will be provided.

Volunteer Orientation, Wednesday, August 11, 6- 7PM (all ages)
Are you interested in volunteering with GiGi’s Playhouse Hillsborough? Come join us for volunteer orientation and learn about the various ways you can donate your time and talents to the playhouse.

Fantastic Friends, Friday, August 13, 7- 9PM (ages 18+)
A fun night out to facilitate social interactions between adults with Down syndrome, their peers and the community.

Destination Discovery, Saturday, August 14, 10AM- 12PM (all ages)
This is an interactive and engaging program for participants of all ages and their families. It supports the development of motor skills, social skills and language through purposeful play and peer-to-peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. In this all-ages program, participants progress from needing assistance, to working independently, to serving in the role of helper and partner to younger participants! This program also brings families together to share experiences and build relationships.

Teen Tastic, Friday, August 20, 6:30- 8:30PM (ages 13- 19 years)
This group promotes friendships, social interaction and communication through a variety of social activities, outings and games for teens.

Yoga, Saturday, August 21, 11AM- 12PM (ages 10+)
A gentle yoga class for participants ages 10 and up.

Cooking Club, Saturday, August 21, 12- 1PM (ages 10- 17 years)
Get cooking with your friends at GiGi’s! This program is geared toward building safety awareness in the kitchen and preparing healthy recipes that taste great.

Teen Tastic and Fantastic Friends Virtual Dance Party, Friday, August 29, 7- 8PM (ages 13+)
Dance your way to our monthly virtual Count Graham Dance!

2 & Under Playgroup, Saturday, August 28, 10- 11AM
Join our playgroup! We’re moving, grooving and laughing along the way. This program is the perfect place for children two and under to meet new friends, learn and grow while parents have the opportunity to socialize and network with one another.

Leaps & Bounds, Saturday, August 28, 10- 11AM (ages 3- 5 years)
This program will help promote social, emotional and gross motor development through a variety of activities, including interactive play, sharing, cooperative games and physical activity. Creativity and movement will be incorporated throughout the program.

Little Gymnasts, Saturday, August 28, 11AM- 12PM (ages 2- 5 years)
This program will help promote gross motor development and cooperation through a variety of gymnastics activities.

Volunteer Orientation, Saturday, August 28, 1:30- 2:30PM (all ages)
Are you interested in volunteering with GiGi’s Playhouse Hillsborough? Come join us for volunteer orientation and learn about the various ways you can donate your time and talents to the playhouse.

All participants are required to register before attending a program. When signing up please be sure to include all members of the household who will be in attendance, but please try to limit to no more than 2- 3 people per family.

As space is limited for health and safety reasons, each program will have a pre-determined attendance limit. Should a participant arrive for a program without having registered and the Playhouse is at capacity, he/she will be turned away at the door. Parents and participants will receive information on how to sign up for a specific program as each one is announced.

The same policy will also apply to program volunteers; there will be limited capacity for volunteers at each program. GiGi’s Playhouse Hillsborough will use the site for volunteer sign up. Links are available on the calendar listing, or you can search for our full program listing on Sign Up Genius using the email

GiGi’s Playhouse Inc. will also continue offering virtual programs through GiGi’s at Home. Participants can register for those programs online at

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