Committee Member

Thank you for showing an interest in joining one of our committees. Committees prepare recommendations for the board and allow volunteers to use their special skills or interests to contribute to the Playhouse.


Program Committee:
Why: To maximize achievement and opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome of all ages and their families, to help parents and caregivers learn how they can help their children to achieve their Best of All.

What does it look like? Playhouse has a proven history of providing free purposeful programs that are sustainable, growing and empower each age group to successful outcomes. Effectively leverages centralized tools and resources to maximize and represent the GiGi's Playhouse brand of programming.

Marketing Committee:
Why: To change the way the world views Down syndrome and send a global message of acceptance for all! To maximize positive exposure for the organization, showcase impact, increase engagement (in programs, events, volunteering), and to inspire philanthropic giving.

What Does It Look Like? Location is well-known in the community as a place of acceptance, achievement, belief and confidence. Organization’s purpose and impact is well understood by families, volunteers, donors and community members alike.

Operations & Volunteer Management Committee:
Why: To maintain the GiGi’s model of free programs, it is essential that Playhouses maximize use of volunteers, utilize centralized tools and resources. This keeps our costs low and maintains the sustainability of our business model.

What Does It Look Like? Location is a smoothly running operation that provides a consistent and welcoming environment of celebration, organization and integrity. All volunteers have the proper training, support and recognition to be successful in their roles.

Events Committee:
Why: Select, plan and execute successful fundraising events that also effectively raise awareness and outreach and expand our constituent base.

What Does It Look Like? Events leverage the history and resources from the network as a whole while maintaining brand continuity and integrity. Playhouse engages in national events.

Data Processing & Data Management Committee:
Why: Streamline processes and provide an efficient and productive operation that enables accurate reporting and analysis. Showcase impact and increase donor retention by providing accurate, timely, and impactful acknowledgements. Ensure communications go to accurate lists of families, volunteers, and donors by being proactive in data integrity. Consistent recording of monetary and in-kind gifts ensure adherence to required audit and tax standards.

What Does It Look Like? Location reflects accurate donor, volunteer, and family information and participation. They carefully record all in-kind goods and services to show the value of your fundraising and how you offset your costs of operations and fundraising. The team leverages the technology tools established by the national office and maintains consistent and complete content on their Playhouse Drive. The team uses Zen Desk appropriately to ensure prompt response to playhouse requests.

If you are interested in joining one of the above committees please submit your letter of interest with your resume to