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Paired Progressions

Being a part of an international network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers has its perks! One of those perks being that we have brilliant minds within the network that are constantly researching, advocating, enhancing programs and more. One of the latest updates to our purposeful programs are Paired Progressions! We have always used Purposeful Progressions, as each individual develops at his or her own pace. Now, we are enhancing these progressions with a partner. Each month, the GiGi’s Playhouse network will be highlighting a new Paired Progression.

What are Paired Progressions? Paired Progressions incorporate regular practice of progressive patterns with strategic support. This includes movement, speech, fine and gross motor skills and social emotional learning.

As we are heading into April, we would like to highlight April’s Paired Progression: High Knee, also referred to as Tall Kneeling. This isn’t the high knee that many of us see in exercise videos, this version of high knee has the individual in a tall kneeling position. When in this tall kneeling position, the individual has knees together and the bottom is off of the heels. This position really works the glutes and abs! This is also a position that ALL ages can work on and this position continues to reinforce core muscle groups for teens and adults. Playhouse Ambassador, Cameron, is modeling the proper form in the photo below.

When should we use high knee aka tall kneeling? This is the best part! You can utilize this Paired Progression anytime and anywhere. Tall kneeling can be used when an individual is drawing, playing, reading, doing homework, watching television, and more!

Now what? We want to see you using April’s Paired Progression! Tag GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Wayne in your photo and use #pairedprogressions !

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  1. Daniell on March 27, 2018 at 8:34 am

    Awesome job Cameron! Keep up the great work! #pairedprogressions

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