Journey to Health

Losing weight and increasing your level of fitness is not an easy task. Becoming the healthiest version of yourself takes time and dedication. Matt’s journey to health started in March 2016. He had enrolled in GiGi Prep, had limited mobility, sat in a chair while exercising, and had a love for all things unhealthy.  Matt made the life-changing decision in GiGi Prep that he wanted to start making healthier lifestyle choices. Transformation Tuesday

Matt enrolled in GiGi University, after completing GiGi Prep, and has made a conscious decision to better himself every day. He has lost over 35 pounds since starting his health and wellness journey! Matt’s mobility has improved greatly and he often chooses to eat healthier foods. One of his workers stated that she used to have to arrive at the workshop 45 minutes early because Matt’s mobility limited his speed. Now, she is able to arrive 10 minutes early and make it to the Playhouse on time! Matt’s mother was thrilled when they were able to walk a few city blocks to go watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. She has stated that Matt takes his health and wellness very seriously even outside of the Playhouse!


          Matt participating in the Soccer Clinic.

When asked what type of exercise he enjoys, Matt stated that he likes doing yoga and lifting weights. He excels in the downward dog position. When it comes to a favorite food, Matt cannot state just one. He likes to add hot sauce to everything and can often be found choosing tortilla chips as a snack. On his first day of GiGi University, Matt stated that he would like to work at GiGi U when he graduates in September. We could not think of a more suitable candidate to serve as a health and wellness role model than Matt!


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