Grand Gesture at Grand Reopening

Walmart on Maysville Road in Fort Wayne, IN celebrated their grand reopening after a 19-week remodel. The team at Maysville Road did not stop at just celebrating their incredible efforts to create a space that is beautiful, easy to navigate, and shopper-friendly, they also made a grand gesture by giving $3,000 to three local organizations!

When given the opportunity to speak in front of all the attendees of the event, Playhouse Ambassador, Kristen, stated, “Thank you for everything and I look forward to the opportunities this will bring to me.” Executive Director, Holly Tonak, could not have said it better. “$3,000 makes such a huge difference to an organization that is growing like ours. We serve nearly 400 families and have provided a record-breaking 12,000 program hours already in 2023! While our programs are provided at no cost to eliminate barriers for families to receive the support they need, there is a growing cost to providing our purposeful programs.”

Our growth can only be sustained with the support of our community and we are fortunate to have an incredibly kind, giving, accepting community that rallies behind our mission to change the way the world views Down syndrome and to send a global message of acceptance for all. Thank you Walmart on Maysville Road for your grand gesture and we look forward to coming back to share how your generosity made an impact in the lives of our Playhouse family.

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