Cooking Up Acceptance

At GiGi’s Playhouse, we empower individuals with Down syndrome to be the best version of themselves. When Kristen came to the Playhouse and started talking about her wish to volunteer, teach younger children with Down syndrome, and her enjoyment of cooking, we knew she would be the perfect fit as a co-lead for our new GiGi’s Kitchen Kids program. Kristen wanted to introduce herself to the chefs that will be learning in her kitchen and everyone else! Playhouse believers, meet Kristen, in her own words!

Kristen putting cookbooks together for the chefs enrolled in GiGi’s Kitchen Kids at GiGi’s Playhouse Fort Wayne.

My name is Kristen Beaubien. I am 16 years old and in 10th grade. I attended Leo School up to 6th grade, and now I am homeschooled. I live with my family who are mom, dad, my older sister Renee, and my little dog Ernie. I love animals of all sorts, but my favorite is sloths. My favorite movies are Soul Surfer, Miracles from Heaven, and any American Girl Doll one. I have a strong faith in God and love going to youth group at church.

My absolute favorite thing to do is swimming, and my dream is to swim at the Special Olympics. I have taken private swimming lessons my whole life with Miss Laurie. Also, I love baking with mom. I love watching cooking shows to get new ideas for food. I help my dad grill on his Big Green Egg things like pizza, chicken and pork. I also just love to journal, draw and write poems that allow me to express my feeling and do that all the time in my room. Right now, I am training to run a 5k with mom in September. I am excited to do that.

I want to volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse because I have Down syndrome and it is the perfect place for me. I also love to help other people and organize things. I want to teach younger kids with Down syndrome and cannot wait to be an assistant in GiGi’s Kitchen Kids. I want to show the world what people with Down syndrome can do.

We cannot wait to watch Kristen thrive in her role as co-program lead for GiGi’s Kitchen Kids and cook up acceptance!

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