Combat Christmas Craziness

The children are on Winter Break, the weather isn’t ideal for playing outside, and did we mention Christmas is in 3 days?! We were filled with Christmas spirit during GiGi University today and to combat our energy, we searched North Pole via Google Maps and found a Santa Tracker! The Tracker lets you explore Santa’s Village! As you can see by our photos, we were able to use our Smart Board so that our entire class was able to participate.

There are several interactive games, videos, and opportunities to learn various facts. Our GiGi U students really enjoyed the matching game, which is timed! This made our students move quickly and work on their short-term memory. Another favorite was Santa Search. This game gives you a handful of holiday characters.

If your children of any age are starting to get a case of the Christmas Crazies, head to the North Pole via Google Maps and enjoy!

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