Barking Their Worth

Our GiGi University grads have started participating in GiGi U reunions. These reunions consist of gathering at the Playhouse to participate in a planned activity or going out into the community and exploring career or volunteer options. Most recently, our graduates teamed up with volunteers from I Can to make and bake dog treats for adoptable dogs at the Allen County SPCA.

After working hard on the treats, the crew headed to the Allen County SPCA to give the adoptable dogs delicious treats! While at the SPCA, they were able to learn about various volunteer opportunities that are available and interact with multiple dogs and cats.

As you can see by the wagging tails, the treats were a huge hit! Our GiGi U grads had nothing but huge smiles when they returned to the Playhouse and had a blast cuddling the cute cats and petting the adorable dogs. To learn more about how to adopt from the Allen County SPCA, click here.

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  1. Jennifer Jewell on May 21, 2019 at 7:20 am

    Bethany loves participating in the Reunion classes! Thank you for offering this for our GiGi U graduates! 😃

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