This summer GiGi’s Playhouse Fargo continued to celebrate the ‘Best of All’ in program participants through GiGi’s At Home, Live and On Demand virtual programs. The Fargo Playhouse piloted a new program this summer called GiGi’s Kitchen. GiGi’s Kitchen is designed to emphasize the importance of health and wellness through nutrition education, kitchen safety, food preparation, social activities, and shared meals/snacks. Under the guidance of program leaders (and their parents at home), participates learned about the progress through skills including measuring, food handling, knife skills, ingredient identification, palette expansion, and nutrition. Participants were introduced to various cooking techniques.

Families learn how to cook using their kitchens, as well as, build self-esteem and confidence in mastering an important life skill. If you missed out on what recipes the GiGi’s Chef’s made this summer, check out the GiGi’s Kitchen Summer Cookbook!

Let us celebrate GiGi’s Fargo Chefs who put the P-in-Party on Friday afternoons! GiGi’s Fargo cannot wait to see what is cooking this fall through GiGi’s At Home Fargo- GiGi’s Kitchen program! RSVP and check your email to receive program link

GiGi’s Chef Emily

GiGi’s Chef Owen and Dylan

GiGi’s Chef Ted

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