Erika Briggs & Mom Talk

Thank you Erika Briggs for sponsoring October’s Mom Talk for an afternoon of Yoga & Meditation!

Erika Briggs uses an integrated approach to health, healing and wellness as an
occupational therapist, yoga and mindfulness instructor, guided relaxation instructor,
reiki master, healing touch practitioner, music and dance instructor, and career coach.
She graduated from the Davanadi’s School of Yoga and Wellness Duel Certificate
Program with 500 Hour Yoga Certification and Himalayan Institute Ayurvedic Yoga
Specialist. She continues to study and teach yoga and mindfulness and guided meditation
and relaxation for stress management and wellness promotion. She is currently studying
to get her Occupational Therapy Doctorate. She is passionate about using an integrated
approach to promote health and wellness and teaching personal development activities
that improve and promote self-awareness, spiritual health, stress management, personal
talents, quality of life, and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Erika is available to teach yoga and mindfulness, guided relaxation services, reiki and
healing touch, and consultative health and wellness services and workshops in the
community. Feel free to reach out to Erika to discuss your needs. Contact her for
services at 701-893-5676 or

What is Mom Talk at GiGi’s Playhouse: as moms of children with Down syndrome, we have so much to talk about. Our goal is to get together for an afternoon of friendship, bonding, and mentoring. *with the exception of nursing babies, we request no children attend so our moms can focus on yourself and one another. Mom Talk is hosted monthly –>

If you are interested in hosting a monthly Mom Talk please contact Trisha Stibbe at

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