Join us as a GiGi’s Detroit Playhouse Champion!

How have you been celebrating Down Syndrome Acceptance Month? There are so many ways to honor this month and advocate for individuals with Down syndrome. Here are just a few:

  • Do you share facts and information about Down syndrome on your social media channels?
  • Are you a blogger or do you share stories about your life having a child or loved one with Down syndrome?
  • Do you share information with your child’s teachers and classroom?
  • Were you one of the over 100 participants or sponsors of our Down for the Hunt Road Rally on October 3rd?
  • Did you take the I Accept You Pledge – pledging to be accepting, generous and kind, joining a global movement of acceptance for all individuals?
  • Have you celebrated with Griffin Claw Brewing Company’s TRI-21 Project beer? (I mean, how cool is that to have a beer raising awareness for Down Syndrome and financial support for GiGi’s Playhouses all over the US!)

Become a Playhouse Champion

Another way to celebrate Down Syndrome Acceptance Month is an opportunity for individuals, families and corporations to become Playhouse Champions as a monthly sustaining contributor of $21 or more to the Detroit Playhouse. Through a monthly financial commitment, Playhouse Champions will help ensure that the Down syndrome community continues to benefit from all the resources and free programs that GiGi’s Playhouse brings to Southeast Michigan.

“We embrace being GiGi’s Playhouse Champions because GiGi’s Playhouse is a champion of our daughter.” – Patrick and Julie O.

As many are aware, the past 20 months during the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted our ability to host large, in-person fundraising events. By creating a network of Playhouse Champions, this will establish a foundation of financial stability to sustain the expenses of our Playhouse location, staff and programs.

Practical Benefits of GiGi’s Programs

As we often say, all of our educational, therapeutic, social and vocational programs are always free for participants, but they are not free to run. Our free programs have tremendous impact not only on the development of the individual with Down syndrome, but they also have practical impact on their families.

For example, if a family were to pay for one-on-one math or literacy tutoring once a week for 10 weeks, they would be paying anywhere from $200-$400. And if they were to pay for one-on-one speech therapy for 10 weeks, it would cost them on average $50-$75 per session if they don’t have insurance or have already exhausted their benefits. For many families that is just not an option financially. These are part of the tangible benefits on top of their child making progress in their reading, math or communication skills!

Invite Others to Join You!

For many, a monthly donation to a worthwhile charity is not a new concept. Whether you support a public radio station or your church on a monthly basis, or make an annual gift to a health related research program, we understand there are many giving opportunities, especially at the end of the year. However, we are most definitely “stronger together”, so we ask that you invite others to consider becoming a Playhouse Champion.

Share this opportunity with your child’s grandparents, aunts and uncles, as an option for a Christmas or Birthday gift in honor of your child with Down syndrome. Or for our volunteers who are passionate about the impact GiGi’s has, share this opportunity with your family and friends to ensure that the programs you love will continue for months and years to come!

One of our volunteers said this about why she became a Playhouse Champion:

“Being a math tutor at GiGi’s, I know firsthand the important work that the Playhouse is doing. From math and literacy tutoring to GiGiFIT classes, the Playhouse is making a real positive impact in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome. I invite you to join me as a Playhouse Champion – it’s only $21 per month and it is one of the best investments that you can make!” – Sue R.

Sweetening the Opportunity

Through some generous donations, we are “sweetening the deal” with this opportunity. Those who invite and secure five Playhouse Champions donating $21 a month (or more) will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. When someone joins as a Playhouse Champion than can identify their monthly gift in honor of someone. That someone can be the person who invited them, an individual with Down syndrome, a volunteer at our Detroit Playhouse, etc. The prizes include:

  • First prize – a $500 Meijer gift card
  • Second prize – $50 in Target gift coins
  • Third prize – $25 Meijer gift card

We will draw for winners January 31, 2022, so you have time to spread the word and encourage your network to consider GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit in their year-end giving plans!

Those interested in becoming a Playhouse Champion can visit us here. When completing the form:

  1. Select the amount – $21 (or more)
  2. Choose monthly for the frequency (or if you want to give in one lump sum quarterly or yearly)
  3. Select “in honor of” to name a person and if someone should be notified.

Sustaining Our Playhouse Operations

We are excited about this opportunity for those in our community to link arms and build this financial foundation for our Playhouse. Will you join us in continuing our mission of changing the way the world views Down syndrome and spreading a global message of acceptance for all?

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