Common Myths About Being A Tutor 

Myth: “I need teaching experience to be a good tutor”.  
Fact: The greatest quality one needs to tutor effectively is a willingness to learn and try. Most of our tutors have other backgrounds like engineering, med school students, high school students, psychology etc.  

  • We provide lots of training, both at the Playhouse and virtually, through pre-recorded videos.  
  • Our Math and Literacy Coordinator is quick to help if you have any questions along the way.  
  • We have all the lesson plans and materials ready to use. You don’t have to come up with activities on your own.  

Quote from a tutor: I have tutored a range of students, from those beginning their math journey to those in pre-algebra.  GiGi’s provides excellent materials for all these students, and is always working to make these materials even better and more engaging! -Sue R. 

Myth: ”It won’t fit into my schedule”… Or, “I don’t know what my plans are for the summer””. 
Fact: We schedule tutoring AROUND your schedule. 

  • You give us your availability and we will find a student with the same time slots. For example, you could say “Mondays from 4 – 8PM and Thursdays from 5 – 8PM” and we’ll find a student who is also available on Mondays. You will then be on the schedule for Mondays at 5PM.  
  • Vacations, appointments, and life in general happens! You can work with the family you’ve been paired with and reschedule if you need to make up a missed session. It is ok if you cannot make EVERY week. We just ask that you try to get in as many sessions as possible.  

Quote from a tutor: Between work and my kids’ activities, I was worried about finding a time that I could commit for tutoring. I thought there was no way I was going the helpful to anyone when all I could offer was Monday nights at 7pm or Wednesday morning at 10am. But then I was matched with people who could also make those times work! And with virtual tutoring, all I needed was one hour of free time. Having this flexibility with the scheduling made a huge difference for me and allowed me to take on more tutoring sessions and connect with more people! – Lauren L.  

Myth: “I don’t live close to the Playhouse so with driving time, tutoring won’t fit in my schedule”.  
Fact: We can always use VIRTUAL tutors! As long as you have internet access you can volunteer for this program. Through the use of virtual tutors, we are able to provide services to students all over the state of Michigan!  

Quote from a tutor: Tutoring off campus really helps with logistics for the student and their parents. They are so busy with life and just saving them an hour of drive time really assists freeing up some time for them, especially during the busy school year…it offers flexibility. When we have had to reschedule a session, having the tutoring take place close to the students home gives us more options, therefore more sessions. Being able to help meet the family’s needs and still allowing Gigi’s to provide the service seems like a win/win. -Doug B.  


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