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How GiGi’s Playhouse Changes You

My first day at work was the GiGi’s Chicagoland 5K Fun Run four years ago. It was held in a grassy field that was filled with mud from rain the night before. The families showed up in huge groups, all smiling, excited and happy to be there. Music was blasting,...
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Hard Work Pays Off

Every week Eleanor works so incredibly hard in therapy. At school she receives 90 minutes of speech, 60 minutes of OT and 40 minutes of PT. Privately we currently do 60 minutes of speech, 30 minutes of hippotherapy (PT and OT) and 60 minutes of OT. So in one week...

More Than Therapy

 We didn’t really know what to expect when we enrolled Sofia in the speech program at GiGi’s. Over her almost 10 years, Sofia has been enrolled in countless therapy programs. And while we know that this is what she needs in order to speak more clearly and be better understood,...
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A Few Words from Our Vice President on Her Birthday!

When Finn was born I knew our family would accept, love and protect him.  I knew our friends would accept and embrace him and add him to the mix of our dinner parties and gatherings.  It’s the world that worries me and keeps me up some nights. Will the world...

Grand Opening

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A Playhouse Years in the Making

We didn’t find out that Taylor had Down syndrome until she was born.  That day is still so clear in my mind.  She struggled to breathe so my husband Brett stayed close to her as the nurse worked.  He was the first to suspect that she might have Down syndrome. ...
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The Start of GiGi’s Playhouse Deerfield

I'll never forget the moment that my wife, Denise, and I received our son Oliver's prenatal diagnosis that confirmed he had Down syndrome. The doctor told us he was sorry and I couldn't help feeling as though something had been stolen from us. All of the joy and promise that...

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