It felt like Christmas in August at our first ever outdoor LMNOP this past weekend. Our excitement and joy was felt throughout the park. FOURTEEN families including THREE BRAND NEW FAMILIES gathered at a safe, social-distance to work on those important speech and communication skills with Jill and Judith. Our families were thrilled to see each other after months apart and to welcome our newest kiddos to the group! Our singing, signing, and dancing has never been as exuberant. It was important to know that no matter what is going on in the world, GiGi’s will be there for families every step of the way, and our families will always be there for each other.  With safety precautions and social distancing in place, our special space to gather has now extended beyond our playhouse walls; we can create the GiGi’s magic wherever we are together.


“Thank you so much for organizing LMNOP last Saturday.  It was the first class we were able to be at since Koda was born a year ago.  We visited when I was pregnant with him and never expected he would be a year old before we were able to meet with other moms and go to a class at GiGi’s.  (And it would have been much longer if we hadn’t been to the LMNOP outdoors!)  Because of Koda being so small, starting out in NICU and then COVID coming, we’ve been pretty isolated for the entire year.  It felt so good and so normal to socialize (safely) and be able to take advantage of the LMNOP program.  It was a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively).  We were excited to meet so many new friends and to finally be able to get to know our GiGi’s family.  I really hope we can do this again.”

~ Shanna, Koda’s Mom


“We are so grateful to Shannon, Jill and Judith for making this socially-distanced LMNOP event happen! It was wonderful to see our friends from the Playhouse and catch up on our little ones’ amazing growth and accomplishments in the last 6 months. We hope to do it again soon.”

~ Lisa, Thomas’s Mom



“We were SO excited to see all of our friends from GiGi’s Playhouse Deerfield this weekend. It had been ENTIRELY too long! I have been worried about my daughter’s speech and social skills since the pandemic shut down therapies, school, and GiGi’s in person programs. To have GiGi’s put on a SAFE LMNOP class in the park meant the WORLD to us. It was SO great to see everyone (from 6 feet apart) and be able to sing and sign together again. We hope to see more outdoor classes like this before winter comes! Thank you, thank you GiGi’s!”

~ Kelli, Laney’s Mom

Thank you to everyone who attended our first outdoor LMNOP. We can’t wait to see you all again!



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  1. Kelli Jagmin on September 10, 2020 at 9:19 am

    Love all the photos! Thanks for the post. We were so happy to see our GiGi’s friends again! During the pandemic, we are missing GiGi’s most of all 🙁

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