Thiago the Leader!

The benefits we have received from GiGi´s Playhouse Deerfield are invaluable. I still remember the first time we arrived at the house. We felt really welcomed, that made us feel really embraced and surrounded by amazing people since day one. Thiago was 6 months old when we were invited to the LMNOP class by his speech therapist Jill Rabin (the best, we love her). I remember there was a kid a little bigger than Thiago in the class and we were amazed at everything he already did and knew. Today Thiago is that child. We are so proud of him for all he has accomplished. The songs he sings in the LMNOP class are his favorites and even his cousins in Mexico know them and sing them together when they see each other or even through video calls. We are very grateful to GiGi´s for providing programs that helps in the development of all children with Down syndrome, for believing in their potential, for promoting inclusion in society, for seeking more opportunities for their future, for providing us a space where prejudices are left out and for giving us new friendships with which we share achievements, worries, experiences and we will continue to create many beautiful moments. 

~ Alejandra, Thiago’s Mom

Thiago in one of his first LMNOP’s
Thiago at LMNOP Last Week!
Thiago and Family
Thiago the Leader!

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