Down Syndrome 101

With over 450,000 individuals with Down syndrome living in the US alone; and including impacted parents and siblings, over 2 million people face this diagnosis every single day. 1 in 700 live births results in a Down syndrome diagnosis. The average age to give birth to a baby is 28. With an 80-85% termination rate: much work remains to give babies a fighting chance for life, love and happiness.

Facts about Down syndrome


Individuals with Down Syndrome in the US

1 in 691

Live births born with Down syndrome


Termination Rate

Down syndrome chromosome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition where an individual has 3 number 21 chromosomes. This extra genetic material changes how their bodies grow and learn.

Leon - boy with Down syndrome
Brice - individual with Down syndrome
Ruby - Girl with Down syndrome

At the core, a Down syndrome diagnosis includes:

Low muscle tone in individuals with Down syndrome

Hypotonia (Low Muscle Tone):

Impacts speech, digestion, fitness, fine and gross motor skills and more. Our participants’ biggest obstacle. Every person with Down syndrome has low muscle tone. If you do not have strong core muscles you cannot sit up straight. If you cannot sit up straight you cannot take proper breaths. If you cannot take proper breaths: you cannot speak or read properly. Learn more about Hypotonia and take the Oven Mitt Challenge with this download.


How GiGi's helps

Therapeutic and fitness-based programs for all ages

Tackles low muscle tone, hypotonia.

Advances gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and speech and language development

Cognitive Delays in indivduals with Down syndrome

Cognitive Delays:

Delays in speaking and processing verbal information. This means a child or adult may struggle with expressive language even though she/he understands what is communicated.

How GiGi's helps

1-on-1 math and literacy tutoring

Addresses cognitive impairment

Curriculum and materials customized to the unique learning styles of individuals with Down syndrome

opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome

Limited Opportunities:

Insufficient participation in extracurricular activities, employment, volunteerism and community engagement can result in depression, isolation, and prolonged ignorance from others.

How GiGi's helps

Innovative programs for adults focusing on self-confidence, fitness, nutrition and career skills

Addresses the need for improved adult opportunities

Career training center in a live retail café and through corporate partnerships

opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome

Limited Acceptance:

People with Down syndrome wear their diagnosis on their faces, and are often subjected to bullying, prejudice and cruelty. Wearing a Down syndrome diagnosis on their face, combined with the despicable prevalence of the “R-word” on social media, in sports and entertainment, and more: empirical differences can challenge emotional wellness and fundamental ACCEPTANCE every single day.

How GiGi's helps

Generation G: a movement, daily mindset and national campaign to build global acceptance and lasting social change. Generation G is a conscious decision to be better every day. Be Accepting. Be Generous. Be Kind.

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