Athlete Causes 2021: Dejah Mulipola Goes to Bat For GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis

We’re excited to be teaming up with Dejah Mulipola, Athletes Unlimited and Give Lively as a non-profit beneficiary partner of Athlete Causes!

Athletes Unlimited has created a new model of professional sports where athletes are the owners, individual players are the champions of team sports and fans are engaged like never before. As part of its mission to develop athletes as civic leaders and elevate them as role models for the next generation of athletes and fans, Athletes Unlimited has launched Athlete Causes in partnership with Give Lively and the Give Lively Foundation.

This initiative allows athletes to play their season in part for the benefit of the non-profit organization of their choice, and we’re thrilled that Dejah Munipola has selected GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis. At the end of the season, the Give Lively Foundation will make a grant equal to 50% of the athlete’s end-of-season bonus to GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis. #BeUnlimited

In addition to the end-of-season grant, Dejah will be earning for GiGi’s Playhouse from her play on the field,  and you as a fan can also get involved by:

  1. Visiting Dejah’s GiGi’s Playhouse Celebration Page to support her personal fundraising efforts.
  2. Create your own personal fundraiser to fundraise alongside Dejah and rally donations from your friends, family and community.

The Athletes Unlimited 2021 Softball schedule begins on Saturday, August 28 and ends on Monday, September 27. Throughout the week, double header games are played on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays on Fox Sports, CBS Sports Network, and AU Digital Platforms

Make sure you cheer on Dejah this season as she’ll be playing for GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis! You can find out where to watch games via Athletes Unlimited’s national broadcast schedule here

Get to know Dejah Mulipola

Dejah first started playing softball when she was just four years old. “I love softball because it allows me to be a part of a team, play for something bigger than myself, and because the sport is so much fun to me,” Dejah shares. When asked about the intensity and injuries at her level of play she said, “I get through training/injuries by remembering why I play the game and always trying to think about my four-year-old self and what made me start playing in the first place.”

Dejah was selected as an Olympian after being invited to the Olympic softball tryouts in October of 2019 and making the roster. Reflecting on her experience she said that, “There are so many things that I will take away from the incredible Olympic experience, but one being that I got to play on the biggest world stage and represent my country, little girls who look like me, the game I love and all while having fun in Japan.”

As a catcher playing professionally, we wondered how she made it to play in Athletes Unlimited, a new league. “I became associated with Athlete’s Unlimited by being 1 of 12 college athletes to get drafted to play in the Athletes Unlimited league this past May,” Dejah says.

Dejah recently graduated from the University of Arizona. She chose “Care, Health, & Society” as her undergrad major because she initially wanted to pursue Nursing, however the schedule conflicted with softball, and she was not able to. Care, Health and Society was a great alternative, and she was able to realize the many great professions that would open through this degree and how it would tie into her nature of wanting to help others. One of her next endeavors is earning a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

In addition to being a professional softball player and an Olympian, read more about Dejah’s athletic successes as a collegiate athlete including two-time NFCA Catcher of the Year and her free time passions, baking and cooking!

The official Athletes Unlimited Opening Ceremony took place August 28. Dejah’s team has played two games and is currently 2-0. Dejah’s next game is 9/4, 7pm (Eastern time) on FS1 Network (Team Jaquish). Thank you Dejah, we’re cheering you on!

 About GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis

GiGi’s Playhouse provides FREE therapeutic and educational purposeful programming for individuals with Down syndrome and their families from pre-natal diagnosis through adulthood. GiGi’s programs focus on developing a variety of skills, including gross and fine muscles, speech, literacy and math, socialization, and confidence–all with the goal of helping individuals with Down syndrome become their best selves. Visit GiGi’s website to learn more about their free programming and to volunteer or support their efforts.



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