Annapolis Bouquet Blitz Fundraiser – Blitz Someone’s Lawn!

To place orders, please text message Annapolis Bouquet Blitz at 443-584-3696 or email providing the information on the Annapolis Bouquet Blitz Order Form (no need to print form).

The First Lady Yumi Hogan is radiant as she shows her Annapolis Bouquet Blitz flowers made with love by GiGi’s Playhouse participants.

Safe at home is something we all understand now that we are in our fifth month of face to face separation from our friends at GiGi’s Playhouse. Because of this, our participants have been itching to see their friends. We miss them too! A dedicated community volunteer group has established the Annapolis Bouquet Blitz! The project, inspired by the successful Ronald McDonald House fundraiser in Baltimore, creates engagement but allows everyone to remain socially distant.

GiGi’s Playhouse participants design and create handmade paper floral bouquets and volunteers then deliver to residents of the Annapolis area. Being part of this fundraiser has excited our participants!

“I love arts and crafts, and I’m really good at making flowers. I liked having my mom help me, because I like doing arts and crafts with my mom. I love helping GiGi’s because I love going to GiGi’s. I miss going to GiGi’s to see my friends, my best friends,” says Valerie, one of GiGi’s participants.

With materials provided by the volunteers, participants can either follow instructions to make Hydrangeas, Sunflowers, Roses, or Black-Eyed Susan flowers in a “kit” or be creative and completely design their own. Flower designs will be seasonal. Creating these flowers is a great way for the participants to exercise their creativity, stay at home, and support “their GiGi’s.” They are channeling their inner artist and cannot wait to see their flowers be displayed.

“Both Valerie and I have missed our wonderful GiGi’s Playhouse ‘family,’ and we are really looking forward to the day when we can all be together again.  I am so grateful for all that GiGi’s Playhouse has done to help Valerie feel a part of a loving, dynamic community, which had been missing once Valerie left high school.  We are always looking for ways to give back to GiGi’s whenever possible, and the flower project has been a great way to do just that, along with giving Valerie and I a chance to do something fun together.  We hope Valerie’s flowers bring nothing but pure joy to someone that needs a little joy during these uncertain times,” shares Valerie’s mom, Lisa.

Your bouquet will be put together and delivered by volunteers and the GiGi’s Annapolis Youth Board, a perfect way to support the Playhouse and remain contactless!

To place orders, please text message Annapolis Bouquet Blitz at 443-584-3696 or email providing the information on the Annapolis Bouquet Blitz Order Form (no need to print form).  

You can specify one of a kind, “artist choice” flowers and request a specific note to be included. You can order flowers made by a specific artist, if you like. Donations can be made in honor or in memory of someone.

100% of all donations will support GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis programs and activities! 

$21 for 5 flowers. This provides 1 hour of FREE math or literacy tutoring for a participant.

$42 for 10 flowers. This donation provides one week of GiGi’s Kitchen Virtual programming supplies.

$63 for 15 flowers. This generous donation provides 1 hour of FREE speech and language therapy for a GiGi’s participant.

Bring joy to a friend today and “blitz” their yard with our beautiful flowers, which means that these custom made flowers will be placed in the yard of the person you designate, on an outdoor stick (spike) so friends and neighbors will experience the joy of receiving this fun and fanciful display,  or send a bouquet. To order, message Annapolis Bouquet Blitz at 443-584-3696 or email 

Due to COVID-19, many establishments have closed to quarantine and promote social distancing. Ever since the Playhouse closed on March 13th, it has been hard to be away from our GiGi’s friends. Our participants have been greatly affected as they are no longer returning to their normal schedule of work, school, sports, and other social activities. Isolation has been hard on us all and we are all longing to return to the Playhouse. Although closing the Playhouse was difficult, it was necessary to ensure safety for all.

But being apart from each other won’t stop our GiGi’s Playhouse participants and volunteers who are working diligently to stay connected. We are ready to support each other from afar, and waiting for the reopening of the Playhouse in September!


Thank You Annapolis Bouquet Blitz! Please like and share their Facebook page.

To Order or for more Information: TEXT 443-584-3696




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